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Angry and Discouraged Over the Lack of Job – Hundreds of City Residents to Gather and Voice Their Frustration at Miami’s Congressional Speakout

MIAMI, FLA – More than five hundred Miami-Dade residents and community leaders are expected to swarm the Miami-Dade College’s North Campus this Saturday afternoon to make their voices heard during a Congressional speakout. The point of angst is the lack of good-paying jobs and access to healthcare in South Florida.

Those expected to hear what Miami-Dade residents have to say will include U.S. Reps. Frederica Wilson (Fla.), Ted Duetche (Fla.), Raul Grijalva (Ariz.), Keith Ellison (Minn.), among others.

“I’m really scared,” said Vanessa Cordonero, “I am a single mother and a cancer survivor. My son has disabilities and I suffer from a deadly incurable blood disorder.  As a result of state cuts, my workweek has been cut down to 16 hours, which only gives me around $630 a month for son and myself. Many times, during the course of the month, I find myself in a struggle between feeding my son and paying bills. To make matters worse, I haven’t seen a doctor to treat my incurable disease in two years, because my Medicaid application has been rejected several times. Why is it that only the few have access to the American Dream? It’s not right when hard-working people can’t even find good jobs to feed their family.”

“Our politicians should be working to create good-paying jobs and protect access to healthcare for everyone in Miami, including those who go to Jackson Hospital”, said Albert Polese, a Miami-Dade resident who will attend the event. “Instead of diverting taxpayer money away from our neediest citizens, we are asking our politicians to focus on passing legislation that would hold corporate giants accountable, like Carnival and Wells Fargo, to pay their fair share.”

1Miami will pack the Lehman Theater and send the delegation back to Washington, D.C. with a clear message… Miami needs good-paying jobs. The speakout is being hosted by the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Saturday’s event will let the politicians know that these are the issues concerning Americans, not the debt ceiling and artificial timelines.

What: More than 500 residents will gather for a “speakout” with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

When: Saturday, July 16, 2011 (1:30-4:00 PM)

Where: Miami Dade College North Campus Lehman Theater (Arts Complex)

1Miami is a new coalition of community groups, neighborhood associations, faith organizations and workers united to bring good jobs to Miami.


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