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Miami isn’t miserable, the people that “run” it are…

Forbes, the magazine that loves listing the richest people in the world, decided to list Miami as the most “miserable city in the country.”  As we have told you before, Miami is used to being at the top of all the wrong lists, so being the best in the worst way comes as no surprise.

As always, you have to really read in between the lines to understand what is really wrong with Miami.  We are not miserable people.  We are a city where everyone says hello and good-bye with a kiss or an embrace, where people make you a cafecito when you visit, where neighbors say good morning and mean it.  A list that labels our city needs to stop labeling its good people.

But the Forbes list hits a few things on the head.  The factors that lead the folks at Forbes to call us miserable included Miami’s high foreclosure and unemployment rates.  But Forbe’s editor Kurt Badenhasuen set the record straight when defending Miami’s ranking:

“In Miami, there is a growing divide between the top 1 % and the rest of the metro area. Life is good for the likes of LeBron James and Latin pop crooner Enrique Iglesias, who’s building a $20 million compound on a private island with girlfriend Anna Kournikova,’’ Badenhasuen said. “But if you’re among the 75 percent of households with an annual income under $75,000, it can be a hard place.”

As we have been angrily repetetive about, we have politicians who put more emphasis on providing a safety net to the rich than building a city that works for everyone.  We also have the superrich, who are so used to their handouts and tax breaks, that they feel entitled to them.  We have banks, like Wells Fargo, that seem like they spend as much time foreclosing on us as they do investing in us.  And then, there is the corruption and lies.  The lies that we needed to build super stadiums for the super rich, the lies that we would get good jobs in return.  The lies from politicians that say they are working for us.

Today in the New Times, there was another list: the five city and county managers that have been either investigated, charged, or found guilty of some form of corruption or another.  But if you read closely, the corruption in Miami isn’t just about politicians helping themselves, it is about politicians helping themselves while helping their superrich friends and patrons to the taxpayers’ money.  Although it is February, it is not too late to make a New Year’s resolution, let us not let the greed of those that claim to “run Miami” dictate how miserable our city is.  Let us get together and fight for one Miami that works for everyone.


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