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Miamians Sent Marco Rubio A Not-So-Sweet Valentine

Passion was in the air yesterday, as residents joined together on Valentine’s Day to pointedly address U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s lack of love. Yesterday, Miamians flooded Rubio’s Miami office, delivering a special Valentine’s Day treat in order to lampoon his over-committment to the super-rich and to call out his under-committment to working families of the 99% who struggle to achieve the very “American Dream” that Rubio himself touts as the paramount achievement.  Several dozens of passionate Miamians sent their message by flooding his district office, delivering an over-sized and sarcastic Valentine’s Day card from the 1%: “The tax breaks and loopholes have been great for a few, but none of it’s possible without politicians like you!”

This action came in the context of communities continuing to face massive foreclosures, lack of good jobs, burgeoning student debt, lack of affordable health care, and numerous other woefully unresolved problems.  As the “Great Recession” continues to make life tougher for the 99%, Marco Rubio continues to push for policies that benefit the rich and special interests at the expense of the poor, while pushing the “American Dream” further and further out of reach for increasing numbers of residents. “As one of our elected representatives, Senator Rubio has an obligation to work on behalf of all his constituents, not just a few wealthy individuals and powerful corporations,” said Rosalba Campos, a 1Miami member and unemployed security guard.  “We are delivering this not-so-sweet Valentine to remind our senator about the vows he is breaking here at home when he’s cuddling up to special interests in Washington.”

In addition to expressing outrage over Senator Rubio’s skewed priorities, community residents and leaders also voiced solutions to the economic heartbreak that Rubio-backed policies are causing. “We want Marco Rubio to know that we are heartsick over his unwavering support of the 1%, said Jose Suarez, Communications Director for 1Miami. “He refuses to even consider a tax increase on millionaires or closing any of these giant tax loopholes loved by giant corporations, such as Carnival and Wells Fargo. That makes it clear to us who are his true sweethearts.”

Rain or shine, holiday or no holiday, 1Miami is on the ground bridging the various economic, social, and political divides in our community to deliver an unwavering message: It’s time to respect the 99% of Americans who are struggling for dignity during this recession. It’s time to mobilize all of our local communities and hold accountable all politicians who misuse  their power to marginalize the majority of our county’s residents. And it’s time for the super-rich to pay their fair share in order to build an economy that can provide good jobs. Stay tuned for upcoming actions and opportunities to get involved in 1Miami’s actions!

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