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workers picketing for rights
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Hundreds In Miami Rally For A Raise In The Minimum Wage

On Tuesday, July 24, over 200 hundred community members, 1Miami activists and other groups from across the county rallied at Bayfront Park in the heart ofMiami’s financial district to call for a raise in the federal minimum wage. They were joined by County Commissioner candidate and State Rep. Luis Garcia, State Rep. candidate Jose Javier Rodriguez (D-112) and Democratic Congressional candidate Joe Garcia.

The federal minimum wage of 7.25/hour has only been increased 3 times in the previous 30 years, failing to keep up with the rate of inflation. If it had kept pace with inflation it would be $10.55/hour which would put an estimated extra $100 a week into the pockets of the 20 million Americans who earn minimum wage.

As the wages for workers have remained mostly stagnant over the years, the profits and executive pay for firms have skyrocketed. For JPMorgan Chase, the owner of the Southeast Financial Center, its CEO makes enough money to buy 90 loaves of bread in two minutes, while the minimum wage worker who cleans Chase’s Miami office only makes enough to purchase one slice of bread in that same two minutes.

The rally culminated in a march on downtown to draw attention to Miami’s financial center, where large profits and outrageous executive pay are favored over a belated raise for thousands of working class families in Miami-Dade County.


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