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CEO’s to Employees: Vote for Romney or You’re Fired

Following the example of David Siegal, the multi-millionaire owner and CEO of Westgate Resorts, the Koch brothers have emailed their employees telling them they’d better vote for Romney if they enjoy their job. The Koch brothers and other super-rich CEO’s are taking the time to let their employees know that this election matters so you better vote for Romney because if somehow President Obama wins reelection, you’re expendable.

This is a new low point in an election that’s already filled with many. From the non-stop mud-slinging and constant barrage of commercials filled with questionable facts and promises, to the enormous amounts of money being spent on the election which would better serve to the millions of disadvantage people around the world, this election is getting pretty ugly.

One can argue that threatening your workers into voting for a particular nominee because he is mistakenly deemed to be the more “business-friendly” candidate of the two is not exactly a smart entrepreneurial practice. I’m sure their moral and productivity went straight up when they found out their job status was dependent on the results of this election.

Despite all the hysteria about the election, Westgate Resorts has actually been prospering in this economy under President Obama. Mr. Siegal even said in an interview with Businessweek that “the company is doing the best we’ve done in our history.”

So why is he so concerned about who is elected president? For Mr. Siegal the President’s policies had nothing to do with his business’s growth the past four years. However, now if reelected the President’s very same policies will all the sudden be detrimental to the very existence of Mr. Siegal’s business, and we’re somehow supposed to believe this? Well I guess when you are the CEO of your own company you can have it both ways; and write your own narrative.

Despite the email having the feel of a totalitarian memo in a society where the 1% rule, I am optimistic that most people will take the time to do their research and cast a ballot for the candidate that best represents their interests. If not, then we are indeed living in a scary time.


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