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Are You Early Voting?

Many people are choosing to cast their ballot early this election… and with good reason! As a swing state, Florida is up for grabs – polls have President Obama and Governor Romney neck and neck here.

So we ventured out to Government Center to talk with some early voters to find out why they choose to vote before the general election on November 6th. Here are some of their responses.

Paul Juliano – “I’m voting early because the winner of Florida might decide who wins the election and I’m going to make sure that my socioeconomic class speaks up. I want to make sure that “the man” doesn’t decide there is something more important for me to do on November 6th. I don’t need another minute to contemplate my vote!”


Vanessa Desamours – “I’m early voting because the early bird gets the worm. All types of unexpected things might come up on November 6th, I want to make sure I can make my vote count.”







Belen Araujo – “I’m voting early because it is less crowded.”





Kevin E. Cordonero – “I’m early voting because hopefully I can make a difference.”



(Captain) Rob Gordon – “I voted early because I wanted to make sure I put a vote against someone who pays 16% taxes in the United States.”




Remember you can vote early too! You have until November 3rd to vote at any designated early voting location in the county. But come prepared with a picture ID and proof of signature.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th!

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