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workers picketing for rights
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We Voted For You, Now Fight For Us!

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as the election has passed, and President Obama has been reelected to serve a second term. Miami successfully voted Joe Garcia into congress, outing the former Rep. Rivera who is under federal investigation, and first time public servant Jose Javier Rodriguez was successfully elected to serve as our State Representative for District 112. They may still be counting ballots in Florida, but in the end we made sure our votes made a difference.

We all worked very hard to accomplish these victories and it’s time now that the president and our newly elected leaders fulfill their duty in serving the people. America is a work in progress, and using the words from the president’s campaign, it’s time we move “forward!”

On the Thursday after the election, 1Miami joined with the Dream Defenders, Equal activists and undocumented immigrants to rally outside of Sen. Nelson’s office. We wanted to congratulate him and the president on reelection, but we were also there to remind them that they work for us! Just because we helped to get them reelected does not mean we will stop giving them a hard time. We still need good jobs not cuts to public services, comprehensive immigration reform, equal rights for the LBGT community and so much more. Our work continues!


Building a movement and creating change requires participation. Do your part, and share this with at least one friend!

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