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Still Reeling from Key Victories in Miami-Dade County

Last week the people of Miami earned some decisive victories in an election season that seemed like it would never be over. We fought hard and should all be congratulating ourselves on work well done in electing political servants that have our interests at heart. There may have been a slight debacle in counting our votes, something to be expected in Florida, but it doesn’t take away from the triumph we feel with the closure of the 2012 election cycle!

We elected Joe Garcia to Congress, the first Cuban-American Democrat from Miami, over the incumbent and scandal prone Rep. David Rivera in District 26. Garcia roundly defeated Rivera by a margin of 54% to 43%, in a district that has been held by a Republican since its inception 10 years ago.

Jose Javier Rodriguez offers a fresh face to the Florida Legislature. Rodriguez upset Republican Alex Diaz de la Portilla for state House District 112 on Tuesday. The Harvard graduate and Peace Corps volunteer offers new ideas for a state dominated by the same old Republican rhetoric.

What could be the biggest shocker for Miami-Dade County is the turn of the Cuban-American vote. President Obama was elected with 49% of the Cuban vote to Romney’s 47%, thoroughly debunking the Miami Herald’s poll on October 28th, which had 76% of Cuban-Americans ready to cast ballots for Romney. This should be a warning sign for Republicans and their opposing sentiments towards non-white males. Turning off a historically consistent Republican voter bloc could spell doom for the GOP.

Now with the election over, we can relax a little but the work continues. Justice has not been served for those who are still struggling in this economy, without healthcare or access to affordable education and housing. We voted for our politicians, it’s time they started working for us! Join 1Miami as we move forward to work for a better tomorrow.


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