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Thursday 4/17/14 Twitterbomb @MBileca


TALLAHASSEE — A high-profile healthcare bill moving through the Florida House could strip the Miami-Dade County Commission of its authority to make the final decision on labor union contracts at the county’s public hospital system. The bill originally sought to create new rules for trauma centers, allow skilled nurses to practice independent of physicians, and pave the way for hospitals to use virtual healthcare services. But last week, a lawmaker from Central Florida added language weakening the role of county commissions in overseeing public health trusts. There’s only one public health trust in Florida: the independent body that governs Jackson Health System.

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On Thursday, April 17th, help us Twitterbomb @MBileca: do you support the Democratic process?

Sample Tweets:

@mbileca Do you support the amendment to destroy the County Commission’s power to manage Jackson? Shouldn’t labor negotiations remain open and democratic?

@mbileca Don’t remove the democratic process from labor negotiations. Let the County decide: #AparezcaBileca

Odd that a Rep. from Central FL care about politics of Miami hospital. Set him straight @mbileca. Where do you stand? #AparezcaBileca

@mbileca if Miami-Dade is financially responsible for Jackson, shouldn’t our commission have the final say on labor contracts? #AparezcaBileca

@mbileca show up for Jackson! #AparezcaBileca

#AparezcaBileca #SaveJackson

Building a movement and creating change requires participation. Do your part, and share this with at least one friend!

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